In the early 2000’s Jermaine began learning Kempo Karate. While mastering this, he started to look for a more challenging style of fighting. He began training in Muay Thai Kick-boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well. During his training, he was in a serious car accident that damaged many of his internal organs and rendered him unable to practice martial arts for two years. However, refusing to give up his passions he took to sharpen- ing his mind and learning everything he could about martial arts from an academic standpoint. 

He also wants to ensure his students will gain the character building and spiritual benefits of martial arts. Martial arts and boxing can help build self-discipline, confidence, balance, mental strength and determination—and so many other won- derful skills. Jermaine’s classes will have a focus on building these personality traits which can be taken in to all areas of life. His students should also leave with increased knowledge of the history of martial arts and respect for those who practice it professionally.

Go Hard MMA & Fitness was established in 2010. We are not our average fight gym. We are the epitome of what a true mixed martial arts gym should be.


We offer some of the best and most effective techniques. We pride ourselves on what we do for each and every person walking through our doors. 

From our fitness cardio programs to our hand to hand combat, self-defense or competition programs. Go Hard MMA & Fitness was created to help build a perfect product for you. 


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